situation in Ukraine shows how quickly the political landscape of a country can change. It was only a short time between an agreement between Kiev protestors and the government being mooted by the media to the presence of Russian troops controlling Crimea. Civilian airports were quickly closed and the talk for escalation to armed conflict got louder.

Taking an international assignment can often mean long stays in global hotspots. Stability can suddenly give way to chaos. How would you handle a political crisis while abroad?

Join us today at 4 ET @globalhub1 to discuss how you feel about conflict and international assignments.

Q1: Would you take an assignment in a danger zone? Why or why not? #globalhub

Q2: Does your company have an evacuation plan? #globalhub

Q3: Do you have a plan for an emergency return to your home country? #globalhub

Q4: In a crisis who would you turn to: government, company or family? #globalhub

Q5: What financial premium do you put on safety? #globalhub

Q6: Are expat or local connections more important in a volatile region? #globalhub

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