Holidays can become a problem when you live in another country. Most countries have national and local holidays that they take. But you might want to take days off for other holidays that aren’t on the national calendar.

The first year we lived in London we found it impossible to find somewhere to celebrate the Fourth of July.

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We ended up having our own party.

Holidays around the world range from being quite culturally specific to universal. Japan is a good example. Greenery Day, dedicated to communing with nature, is surely something with global appeal. But while Marine Day is essential to an island nation, it may not be such a hit in, say, Switzerland.

America also specialises in retail holidays, which aren’t national days off, but essential to the bottom lines of stores and restaurants. Valentine’s Day, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day (more popular in Boston and New York than in it actually is in Ireland) are a few of the biggest, but retailers are trying squeeze a few more into the calendar.

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Q1: What’s your favourite holiday? #globalhub

Q2: What new holiday do you celebrate because you live (or have lived) abroad? #globalhub

Q3: Do you go home for the holidays? #globalhub

Q4: What is your company’s policy on holidays for global worker? #globalhub

Q5: Do you join in with other people’s traditions when you are there during a holiday? #globalhub

Q6: What’s the biggest holiday party you’ve been to? #globalhub

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