As the World Economic Forum in Davos winds down, you’ll see a barrage of wrap-up stories from the media. The easiest one to write and assign will be “What are the big takeaways from this year’s meeting?” The answer is usually something nebulous about the fragility of the global economy or the need for change (as if change somehow doesn’t occur organically).

But those at the WEF should really concentrate on things they can actually take away from Davos besides freebies from the meetings and sleep deprivation. Here are 3 takeaways …

Kirsch is tough to combine, but gin and wine work well

1. Buy Kirsch and make this cocktail

They have the best Kirsch on Davos’ Talstrasse in a local store. Every year the place has delegates stocking up on their gifts to take home. Kirsch is a eau-de-vie. Drink it straight if you like the taste or you can add it to this fantastic brunch cocktail found in Harry Craddock’s “Savoy Cocktail Book.”

Moonlight Cocktail (Savoy Cocktail Book)

2 glasses of gin
2 glasses of wine
1 1/2 glasses of grapefruit juice
1/3 glass of Kirsch

1. Cheap gin works well in this because the main taste is the Kirsch and the grapefruit juice.
2. This is strong, but the measures are good.
3. Chill in the fridge and serve over ice cubes.
4. You can make this the day before and leave it overnight.

2. Grilled cheese for cheats!

Buy a Raclette souvenir in one of the stores. It’s a wood board and a Teflon (non-stick) cheese-melting dish. I think you can get them in the supermarket at the end of the promenade. If not, you should definitely search for them, especially if you want to give a gift to an American friend who covets grilled cheese sandwiches.

This may seem like an outdoor thing, but if you have a gas cooker in your home, you can use the flame to melt the cheese by balancing the non-stick dish on the burner.

3. Do something that the locals do

Check out the line dancing class that happens on Thursday nights at the end of the promenade in the first restaurant off the main drag. It is mostly women, but with a few glasses of beer down it is really good fun.

Davos also has an ice hockey team, HC Davos. If you are there for a game you should check them out.

And if you do nothing else stop by Pizza Padrino on the way to the train station and get one of their famous Jager pizzas (topped with venison) for the train ride to Zurich.

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