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The biggest challenge that I find being an entrepreneur is being told how to be a woman. I don’t think that I should have to choose a role, or behaviors, that reinforces gender stereotypes. The purpose of doshebu is to develop people and help them to understand how to make the right choice.

When you chose to accept an international assignment, you should consider your values. If you want a more equal relationship with your partner there might be cultural, political or religious barriers to your lifestyle. Some of these barriers might not be obvious.

If you come from a Western country, you might think that because you are required to cover up in the Gulf you will find transitioning difficult. But you may be more uncomfortable in a more permissive society that requires company-sponsored bouts of heavy drinking with co-workers. 

Join us today at 4 ET @globalhub1 to talk about the development of entrepreneurship around the world.

Q1: Who’s your favorite women entrepreneur? Past and present. #globalhub

Q2: How difficult is it to set up a women owned business where you are? #globalhub

Q3: What is the political climate for women in your home country versus your host country? #globalhub

Q4: Do you feel that the country you are living in is moving towards equality? #globalhub

Q5: What impact do successful women have on their communities? #globalhub

Q6: Is investment still the biggest challenge globally for women entrepreneurs? #globalhub

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